We are living in a time where digital spheres exert addictive pressures on our youths; where society moves too fast for disadvantaged families and aged seniors. Find out how you can play a part to help in such a time as this.


Not just a lifeline for those in need, we empower our beneficiaries to be overcomers in the face of life challenges. Join us as we engage families, youths and seniors in our community.


With your support, we can and we will continue to reach out and touch the lives of those in need, providing relief for today and hope for tomorrow. Donate now.


Why We Need You
Elderly - 40%
Youths At Risk - 60%
Depression - 80%

You are NEEDED!

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Find out more on August 18, 19, 26

As a social service organisation, we depend on individuals like you to come alongside and touch the lives of people in need. Join us this August at 300 Bedok North Avenue 3. Our booths will be open at Level 1, Hallelujah Quadrant from 6pm till 8pm on the August 18, Saturday, as well as 9.30am till 1.30pm on August 19 and 26, Sunday.

In every community there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart there is the power to do it.

Marianne Williamson


youths aged 10 to 19 called the SOS suicide hotline (2015-16)
of Singaporeans still face severe financial problems and have difficulties meeting basic needs.
elderly projected to be living alone in 2030


“Last time whenever I hear the ambulance, I get worried and start to cry.”

When her 11 year old son began running away from home with increasing frequency and even went missing for days, Sabrina turned to Bethesda Care Services for help. Stay tuned to find out how her family has risen above their circumstances and been strengthened as a family.

-- For Such A Time As This --

One of the main barriers that keep families from spending time together are long working hours. For low income large families like Sabrina’s, the struggle is amplified. Parents often face difficulty in meeting the financial and emotional needs of their children. This in turn affects the children’s future.

There are many more families in need of support. Join us as a volunteer or donor, and together, help empower families in need.


Mr Lam suffered a major fall in 2013. Due to the fall, he could no longer continue his job as a taxi driver.

Till today, the elderly couple are reliant on  Bethesda Care Services staff and volunteers to provide them with the Meals-on-Wheels service as well as help clean their home.

Leaving the house for simple essentials such as bread or biscuits creates significant fear in Mrs Lam as she worries about her husband’s safety when he is alone.

 -- For Such A Time As This --

We face an increasing no. of seniors seeking help from our Meals-on-Wheels and Medical Escort Transport services. The greater problem for many of them – especially those like Mr and Mrs Lam who are homebound due to disability, failing health or mental illness – is social isolation.

Join us, for such a time as this, to reach out and empower the seniors in need.


A young teenager shares about her inner struggles in finding acceptance amongst peers. A brief conversation with her reveals unhappy memories of younger days when she was bullied by classmates.

After meeting one of our excITE staff, Joan, she finds genuine friendship and someone to turn to whenever she needs help. She continues to press on in the face of challenges to be an overcomer.

-- For Such A Time As This --

During teenage years, a sense of belonging and acceptance amongst peers becomes highly important and teens who are bullied often suffer from low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts and difficulty in relating to peers and others.

There is a pressing need for our youths to have positive mentors they can turn to. Join us and empower the youths to be resilient overcomers.


Brendan used to be a naughty kid - threw a chair, pranked other children. Now he is a transformed youth and a valuable help at our Student Care Centre (SCC).

Recently, he even went for an external first aid course with his father and henceforth accompanied SCC staff during holiday excursions with younger children as a first aid volunteer.

-- For Such A Time As This --

There is an increasing concern that children are not developing adequate social skills due to tech trends and mobile addiction. SCC intentionally structures classroom activities around character building and values. We also emphasize building up the children’s social skills and hope that they will grow up with a heart for the community.

Join us and help engage the children especially during holiday programmes and events.