Chairman's Message

This FY has been one of the most challenging times especially for the poor and needy who are most vulnerable in this Covid-19 situation. It has been a season of change as we navigate the many transitions in this pandemic. With the circuit breaker, we saw issues amplified in the community like family violence, anxiety, depression and social isolation.
In our commitment to helping families experiencing financial difficulties, BCS set aside a BCS Care Grant to help them weather the crisis.
We had to innovate and digitise our services to continue to provide support to clients during the disruptions to on-site operations.
2020 has also been a year filled with many first experiences going digital amidst the pandemic. In June, we held our first-ever Zoom webinar where our panel of social workers uncovered their findings based on a needs assessment survey on understanding Covid-19 impact on our existing clients. In November, we held our first-ever virtual
Bursary Award Ceremony and were honoured to have Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat as the guest of honour.
We also moved our fundraising campaigns fully online. We are grateful to our donors and volunteers who continue to support us in reaching and touching lives.
With that, we would love to introduce you to our first-ever digital annual report. We appreciate all who have given your time and efforts in serving the community. We hope that together we can embrace this season of change and be a blessing to the community.
Dr Peng Chung Mien
Chairman, Bethesda Care Services

Our Mission

To enhance the well-being of families and individuals by delivering quality and professional social services

Our Aims

Supports the unity and nurturing functions of families
Instils values through the provision of relevant and integrated social services
Empowers families and individuals with skills to meet life’s challenges
Strives to enhance service effectiveness through staff development

Highlights of the year

Total Beneficiaries
Served and Outreached
senior clients served with our Elderly Services (Meals-on-Wheels delivery and Medical Escort and Transport services)
participants engaged through our Active Ageing programmes & activities
families & individuals were assisted through our Casework and Counselling Services
more than
worth of donations raised through online fundraising campaigns
more than
worth of donations raised through online fundraising campaigns
students were enrolled in our student care centre with 2 students with special needs
more than
students were reached through our daily activities, programmes and workshops at [email protected] East Youth Centre

Summary of Financial Highlights for FY20/21

BCS receives 35.4% of its annual funding from government grants and relies more on its own programme fees and donations received to meet the rest of its financial needs.
Total Income
Total Expenditure
Income Sources
Programme Fee
Government Funding
Other Income*
*Other Income refers to funding from supplementary government subsidies to defray organisation employment cost (e.g. MOM-Special Employment Credit), assistance programmes targeted at specific groups of individuals (e.g. Elderly COPE - SECDC Reimbursement) as well as other miscellaneous sources of income (e.g. interest earned from Fixed Deposit).
Distribution of Expenditure
Family & Youths

Our Services At A Glance

Elderly Services

As the Elderly Services involves supporting the vulnerable in our society, we continued to serve our elderly clients with our Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) programme during the 2020 circuit breaker.

Seniors served with MOW
Medical Escort
and Transport

Seniors served with MET

Seniors served with both services
Referral Cases

New referral cases*
Meals-on-Wheels (MOW)
Due to the pandemic, we saw an increase in demand for our Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) services. The daily number of packets delivered per meal reached 140 packets which was 16% more than our usual load.
Medical Escort & Transport (MET)
Due to the circuit breaker, our Medical Escort and Transport (MET) service ceased till 4 May 2020. We continued to serve only existing clients who had critical medical appointments.

Active Ageing

During the Covid-19 period, our Active Ageing activities had to be suspended according to government measures. Also, with Elderly Day Care Centres closed, the issue of social isolation was amplified as they were confined to their homes.
To mitigate this social issue, the Active Ageing staff explored new ways of engaging our seniors, from having periodic phone calls to check in on the seniors to conducting virtual weekly exercises for our active seniors.
more than
participants engaged through our Active Ageing programmes & activities
Going Digital Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic
June 2020
Started our first weekly Zoom exercise
June 2020 - March 2021
Collaborated with Changi General Hospital Community Nursing team to organise online health talks for our seniors
December 2020
Held our first-ever live virtual cooking demo session which saw more 80 elderly participants
As we entered phase 3, our regular Active Ageing programmes such as Low Impact Aerobics, Rummy-O and Zumba Gold sessions were resumed on-site with safe management measures in place.

Family Services

families & individuals were assisted through our Casework and Counselling Services
- Amplified home issues for Youth at-risk
- Increase in no. of families seeking financial help
- Increase in no. of families seeking emotional, marital and mental health support
Our social workers assisted 16% more families & individuals
Family + Marital
Financial Assistance
Welfare Services

Food Rations

In FY20/21, food rations worth an estimated value of $9,307 were given out to families and individuals in dire need. A total of 35 families & individuals benefited from this service.

M.I.L.K Scholarship Programme

In FY20/21, more than $13,000 was disbursed to tertiary students. The “Mainly I Love Kids” scholarship was founded by the Mainly I Love Kids (M.I.L.K) Fund to provide bursaries for tertiary students such as polytechnic students and university undergraduates.

BCS Care Grant

In light of the pandemic, BCS provided financial support to families and individuals that had a loss of income or loss of job. Under this funding, BCS has supported 20 cases with more than $15,000 between August 2020 to March 2021.
Going Digital Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic
Online Counselling
Since 7 April 2020, we have moved our counselling services online.
reached a total of
new clients
served an average of
per month
Bursary Awards
On 13 November 2020, BCS held its first-ever virtual 20th Bursary Award Ceremony via Zoom.
We were honoured to have Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat present as the guest of honour. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Phillips 66 International Trading Pte Ltd, Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) and Care and Share for their generous contribution and partnership in this initiative.
a total of
was disbursed to the Bursary Award recipients
recipients from Primary, Secondary Schools and ITE College East were awarded
YouthSpace Online Engagement
Amid a global pandemic, YouthSpace innovated its operations and moved engagement online. Youth engagement channels now include popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Discord.
Engagement Strategy | Live talent shows and games, Interviews with influencers, Giveaways, Study Tips, Quarterly value-centric themed content.
“Youth Spotlight” series featured stories of youths who excelled in talents, overcame challenges or served the community. The stories help boost the youths’ confidence.
Followers on Youthspace IG
IG Live Sessions
Tik Tok
Engagement Strategy | Anti-bullying, Tips to handle exam stress,
Time management, Healthy living, Mental Health
YouthSpace reached more than
Tik Tok Videos
Engagement Strategy | Channel for discussions topics
YouthSpace On-site Activites
On-site activites and programmes that either continued operations or resumed when safety measures permit include activities such as weekly drop-in centre for youths, monthly night cycling trips.


During the early phase of the pandemic, excITE moved our programmes and activities online to Zoom and social media platforms to keep students engaged. As the situation improved, we gradually resumed on-site programmes.
more than
students were reached through our daily activities, programmes and workshops
[email protected] East have turned to
online platforms
to engage the students
Going Digital Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic
Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes 2020 #CountMeIn
Team YOUth Counts received
YFC 2020 Distinction Award Best Fundraiser Award
raised a total of
Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) is a community initiative started by Citibank and the YMCA of Singapore in 2003. Funded by Citi Foundation, the programme is a catalyst to promote social entrepreneurship and community leadership development among Singaporean youths.
A team of student councillors banded together to form Team YOUthCounts to participate in Citi-YMCAC YFC. The funds were raised to support their peers and to help further the cause of our youth work in the ITE.
The key highlight of the fundraising campaign was a video showcasing heartfelt stories of students whose lives were affected by Covid-19. The digital fundraising campaign was conducted on social media and
Check out the link for the #Countmein campaign video
Online Financial Literacy Workshop – Prudence in Spending
students participated in this workshop
On 17 July 2020, we conducted a Financial Literacy Workshop to share on financial tips on saving early and being prudent with finances. The students benefited from practical tips and developed an interest in investing. An online quiz was conducted to engage the students and reinforce the knowledge they have learnt. We thank Mr Wong Chee Boon, our management committee treasurer for gracing this event and all who have contributed to the success of this workshop.
For more updates, follow excITE on
students participated in this workshop
For more updates, follow excITE on

Student Care Centre

students were enrolled in our student care centre with 2 students with special needs
Comcare Students were enrolled
*ComCare students are those from needy families receiving subsidies from MSF for their student care fees.
During FY 20/21, our usual June holiday programmes could not be carried out with due to the Covid-19 situation. Our staff had to quickly learn how to use online platforms, brainstorm non-contact games such as mass exercises and pop quizzes to connect with students and their parents.
As the pandemic situation improved, SCC resumed its operations with safety measures in place.
Going Digital Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic
programmes are held on Zoom to engage SCC children
12 May 2020
“What Has Circuit Breaker Done to Me?” online session conducted with P3 students. Through this catch up session, our SCC staff checked on how students were coping with the stresses brought about by the circuit breaker and if they were adjusting well to home-based learning.
13 May 2020
An online storytelling session was held via Zoom as a circuit breaker holiday programme on 13 May for P1 and P2 students by Volunteer Ms Candi Teng.

Corporate Highlights

BCS Zoom Webinar
20 June 2020
Coping with COVID-19: Understanding its impact on the vulnerable within our community
Recognising that the poor and elderly are among the most vulnerable during this crisis, Bethesda Care Services carried out a needs assessment survey in April and May for our existing clients in Bedok and Chai Chee area. These findings were then shared over our Zoom webinar by our Social Workers who made observations of how families and individuals were impacted both financially and socially as a result of social distancing. Recommendations for social support were also presented in the webinar.
attendees participated in the webinar
families were surveyed for the needs assessment
of families suffered income loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic
of families had insufficient finances
BCS Awareness Month 2020
(BCS Digital Fundraising)
END JUNE 2020 - MARCH 2021
Amount Raised
This year’s online “ShareHope” campaign covered stories of volunteers and staff bringing hope to the poor and needy especially during the pandemic and how we #reachoutandtouchlives.
In our commitment to help those in need weather this pandemic crisis, we also set aside a BCS Care Grant for families experiencing financial difficulties.
We were able to tap on the dollar-for-dollar matching for online donations raised through our digital platforms with the Enhanced Fund-raising programme.
Fundraising Campaign
(BCS Digital Fundraising)
Amount Raised
In December, we launched the #AllIWantForChristmas campaign. All BCS staff, volunteers and donors were asked to invite friends and family to give to the community needs instead of buying Christmas gifts. The campaign highlighted the needs of the vulnerable in our community, namely the low-income families, homebound seniors and individuals or youths who struggle emotionally. Funds were raised for the BCS Care Grant, Festive Gifts for seniors, Food Ration supplies and more.
Check out the link for the #Sharehope campaign stories
3 Causes to Support
BCS Care Grant
Food Rations and More
Festive Gifts
Check out the link for the #Sharehope campaign stories

Corporate Partnerships

Credit Suisse Mentoring Workshop
(Corporate Partnerships - Credit Suisse & excITE)
15 August 2020
We conducted our first-ever virtual Credit Suisse Mentoring Workshop. This marks our 6th year of partnership with Credit Suisse (CS). Going virtual allowed students from various ITE Colleges to participate and also enable CS mentors from Hong Kong to join us.
The central theme for this workshop was GRIT, learning to thrive and not just survive amid uncertainty. The sharing was centred on topics such as resilience and goal setting.
students participated in this workshop
workshop series held on Zoom
Check out the link for the CS Mentoring Workshop Highlight video
Breaking Space Dance Mentorship
(Corporate Partnerships - Elevate The Streets & YouthSpace)
October 2020 - March 2021
In collaboration with Elevate the Streets (ETS), the pilot run of “Breaking Space” - a six months dance mentorship programme was launched in October. Training sessions and bi-monthly support groups were provided by BCS to equip the volunteer instructors from ETS with handles as they mentored and journeyed with the youths. Through Breaking Space, the mentors helped the youths to develop their character, competence and confidence.
“Throughout the six months, it was nice seeing my mentee open up about troubles in his school life and personal life to me. I gave a listening ear and got to share my perspective on how I would have dealt with the issues.”
Brandon | ETS Breaking Space mentor, Street Dancer
Festive Goodie Bags for Seniors
(Corporate Partnerships - The Social Co. & Elderly Services)
On special festive occasions like CNY, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, BCS distributes festive gift packs of food and other necessities on top of the daily meals we send to our elderly clients. This FY, we collaborated with The Social Co. for a year-long fundraising project with their new initiative – Shop by The Social Co. – a platform where donors can purchase items for those in need.
February 2021
With the help of The Social Co., we raised funds for 110 Chinese New Year festive gift packs for our Medical Escort & Transport (MET) clients. The festive bundles were then packed and distributed with the help of our staff and volunteers during CNY.
Check out our 20th Bursary Award Ceremony Highlights video on Facebook
Virtual Health Talks for Seniors
(Corporate Partnerships - Changi General Hospital & Elderly Services)
June 2020 - March 2021
In collaboration with Changi General Hospital (CGH) Community Nursing team, virtual health talks were organised for our seniors. The online health talks on Zoom provided an avenue for social interaction among seniors admidst the pandemic. It also equipped them with useful healthcare information. Topics covered include mental wellness, caring for our eyes and sleeping well. The virtual health talks were conducted by CGH community nurses in partnership with BCS.
Check out our 20th Bursary Award Ceremony Highlights video on Facebook

Our Volunteers at a Glance

This FY has been one of the most challenging times due to the Covid-19 situation. Despite that, we saw many who rose to the occasion to contribute their time and effort amid this pandemic. You are our unsung heroes. With heartfelt gratitude, we are truly thankful for those who have joined us to share hope to the poor and needy in times like this.
Total Volunteers
Excluding Group and Corporate Partners

Total Number of Volunteers For FY20/21

Elderly Services
Family Services
Student Care Services
excITE @ College East
group volunteers
corporate partners

Corporate Information

The organisation was registered under the Registry of Societies in Singapore on 21 June 1996 and registered as a Charity on 19 April 1997 as Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre (BCCSC). On 7 February 2018, our name change to Bethesda Care Services was effected. The organization is a full member of the National Council of Social Service and has an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status.
Name in Chinese: 恩典之家
ROS Registration Number: ROS 164/96 WEL
Charity Registration Number: 01253
Institution of a Public Character (IPC) Registration Number: IPC 000 227
IPC Sector Administrator: Ministry of Social and Family Development
Unique Entity Number (UEN): S96SS0146D

25th Management Committee

The Management Committee sets the direction, decides on our policies, administrative procedures and provides leadership and counsel relating to the management of The Society. The following Committee Members were appointed at The Society’s 25th Annual General Meeting on 8 Sept 2020.
Dr Peng Chung Mien
Vice Chairman
Mr Lok Vi Ming
Honorary Treasurer
Mr Wong Chee Boon
Honorary Secretary
Mr Lai Choy Tong
Committee Members
Ms Bok Hai Choo Christine
Ms Wong Li Tein
Ms Tan Jee Nah
Ms Wong Phui Hong
Mr Chua Seng Lee
Mr Foo Ming-En, Mark
Mr Peng En Wei
Mr Eio Wee Hiong, Joseph

Senior Management Team

Executive Director
Mr William Loke
(Appointed to position since 1 July 2015)
Senior Social Worker
- Family Services
Ms Kathleen Yee
(Appointed on 6 Jan 2020)
Acting Supervisor
– Elderly Services
Mr William Loke
Acting Supervisor
- Student Care Services
Mr William Loke
(Appointed on 1 Sep 2020)
Assistant Supervisor
– Student Care Services
Mr Chua Jun Ping
(Appointed on 1 Jan 2021)
Programme Manager
- Soul-Care Services – excITE
Ms Michelle Low
Support Operations Manager
Mr Tu Huai Chieh
(Appointed on 1 Jan 2021)