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Apr 2021
Youth Spotlight

Youth Spotlight is a series of stories that showcases the talents and celebrates the growth of youths who are part of YouthSpace. These series of stories are featured on YouthSpace’s Instagram, and positively impacts the youths’ confidence. In the following stories, some of the names of the youths have been changed to protect their identities....

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Jul 2019
Parents Stress Level Exceeding Image

Scenario: You rush home from work, making sure to pack something nice for dinner. Hopefully this would incentivise your son to be more cooperative and study after dinner. You reach home and spot him sprawled on the sofa, fixated on his phone, not even out of his school uniform. Anger wells up. You flare up and scream at him to get into the shower. That’s 30mins less study time for tonight, an unhappy parent, and an unhappy child. There’s no quick fix for the above scenario. But perhaps the following tips and......

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