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A Hand to Hold

Mui Leng has been a Medical Escort & Transport (MET) client of BCS for over 5 years. She suffers from multiple health conditions and has to make weekly visits to the hospital. She spends a lot of time going in and out of the hospital. Mui Leng shares that Angie, our home help staff who often accompanies her for the medical appointments, has become a friend to her. She enjoys talking to Angie about food and her handmade jewelry. She thinks of Angie and the service which BCS provides her as family. That role of accompanying her and making sure she is able to make it to her appointments for timely medical treatment, is what family does.


A Safe Place to Grow

In this video, two youths from YouthSpace share about what makes this place special to them. For Herman, it is safe place to hang out and talk about emotions and relationship matters that he is not comfortable talking about with teachers or parents. In the 4 years that he has been with YouthSpace, he has learnt to manage his anger better and think of what other feel instead of just focusing on self. Glenise has been in YouthSpace for 3 years. She shares that the Glenise at 11 versus now, 14 is drastically different and that YouthSpace has given her the freedom to be a teenager and experience what a teenager should feel and be like. She hopes to join the social work industry in future.


From Ashes to Beauty

A client shares about her counselling journey at BCS. She came to receive counselling help about a year ago due to depression triggered by the betrayal of a close loved one. She shares about her counselling journey, how she moved on from a season of hopelessness and sense of worthlessness to rediscovering herself once more. She thinks of herself as a dandelion flower. Although small and imperfect, it is resilient and able to find new hope and life riding the winds of change.

Our BCS senior social worker, Kathleen, talks about how there has been more people seeking emotional and mental health support from our counselling services over the past 2 years. This may be due to relationship issues, workplace challenges or even past traumatic events that were unresolved.


Worthy of Love

Jia Hao first got to know our excITE staff through the follow-up lunch gathering with BCS CARES bursary recipients. After getting to know our staff better, Jia Hao opened up and shared about his family situation, studies and challenges. Jia Hao’s mother passed away due to cancer when he was only 10 years old. Since then, he has lived with his grandma. He has missed out on learning experiences that most of us that for granted. Things like learning how to tie shoelaces, and learning to ride a bike. Dennis, our excITE staff, helps Jia Hao to catch up on some of these milestones. Jia Hao turns to our excITE staff, Michelle and Dennis, whenever he feels upset at home. “They are like my family. They really want to help me to be better, to improve myself.”

Dennis shares that there are different types of youth who they meet daily at excITE. For the youths with open hearts and open minds, the excITE staff and volunteers are there to give them support and to empower them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From 1 April 2022 onwards, Tote Board will only match funds raised on the approved digital crowdfunding platforms. BCS has chosen to launch our campaign, BCS CAREs, on Giving.sg. To donate on Giving.SG for the first time, you will need to ‘Login with Facebook’ OR ‘Sign up with Email address’.

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