Oct 2023
Slay Queens | Youth Conversations about Body Image

“You’re beautiful just the way you are and every one of us is created in a unique way.” In light of World Mental Health Day, BCS introduces SLAY QUEENS, a one-day beauty workshop conceptualised by our BCS youth team to spark conversations about healthy body image and self-esteem amongst youths, while equipping them with soft skills to manage fair expectations of themselves....

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Making Their Golden Years Shine
January 19, 2022

Making Their Golden Years Shine

“Have you ever thought of what meaning could evolve out of the packet of food that you send to the elderly?” asked Yoke Yee, our senior Social Worker at Bethesda Care Services’ Elderly Services department...

Youth Spotlight
April 30, 2021

Youth Spotlight

Youth Spotlight is a series of stories that showcases the talents and celebrates the growth of youths who are part of YouthSpace. These series of stories are featured on YouthSpace?s Instagram, and positively impacts the...