I feel the capacity to CARE is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.

- Pablo Casals -
To all our dedicated donors, volunteers and partners, thank you for journeying with us as we care for the community. Let us continue building a community that cares together. For only in caring and showing love to one another, does life find its deepest significance.
Our Mission
To enhance the well-being of families and individuals by delivering quality and professional social services.
Our Aims
Support the unity and nurturing functions of families

Instil values through the provision of relevant and integrated social services

Empower families and individuals with skills to meet life’s challenges

Enhance service effectiveness through staff development
Core Values
Care is about showing love and consideration to everyone, demonstrating patience, kindness and gentleness in speech and action towards one another. It is exemplified in a spirit of unity and help that crosses department lines. Its about touching the lives in the community with a love that goes the extra mile beyond just quality service.
We want to develop sincere relationships and a culture of mentoring and speaking life into one another. Whilst showing care, we want to build a safe, nurturing working environment where we can gently correct in love where there are areas of improvement and above all, integrity and transparency in our conduct and processes.
We want to comfort and heal the broken-hearted, bring freedom to those held captive in their conditions and life situations -To bring about a restoration of joy, hope and purpose to experience the true beauty and meaning of the abundant life.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. We want to empower those struggling in the community with sustainable solutions and resilience to overcome their challenges and thrive in life. We want our staff and volunteers to continually develop their competencies and a creative growth mindset to adapt to a dynamic everchanging social service landscape.
Caring for the needs of the frail and aged
Resilient habits and healthy values for ITE Youths
Empowering families and individuals in adversity to overcomelife’s challenge
A fun and safe haven where children can explore, learn, develop good character and form lasting relationships
SPACE where youths belong and realise their true potential
Impact Figures
April’22 - March’23
Total Beneficiaries
worth of assistance disbursed
and individuals assisted through Family Services

185 families and individuals assisted through Casework and Counselling

227 Bursary Award recipients

42 students engaged through Workshops

74 participants at Family Connect events

$183,848.87 worth of Assistance Disbursed

$83,600 Bursary Awards

$137,775.79 MILK Scholarship program

$25,054.91 Assistance to Needy

$5,536.50 Food Rations program

$12,481.61 AIWFC 2022

$3,000 Roxy Fund

ITE Youths
reached through activities, programs, and workshops at excITE @ College East

147 students assisted through MILK Scholarship

54 students engaged through Resilience Workshop

601 students engaged through daily interactions, small group mentoring, interest groups & talks

153 students engaged through collaborative programs with CCA groups

143 students engaged through Corporate Engagement & Partnership programs and events

*some students attended multiple programs

served by our Elderly Services

249 seniors on Meals-on-Wheels (MOW)

249 seniors on Medical Escort and Transport (MET)

550 seniors engaged through Active Ageing Program

*(94 seniors on both MOW and MET)

$31,822.85.85 worth of subsidies given out to help ease seniors into MET 2.0 new framework
engaged through YouthSpace events and programs

403 youths engaged through regular programs

222 youths engaged through Eastside Sessions

37 youths engaged through mentoring programs

enrolled in Sunshine Club Student Care Centre

3 students with special needs

16 students on MSF Comcare's Student CareFee Assistance (SCFA)

We welcome individuals and corporate partners in Singapore to join us in reaching out and touching lives in the Tampines-Bedok community. Support our works or join us as a volunteer. Impact lives and bring joy to our beneficiaries and their families.

To find out more about how your company can participate in our Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) projects for children, youths, the elderly or families in need, email us at [email protected]