Sunshine Club Student Care Centre

A fun and safe haven where children can explore, learn, develop good character and form lasting relationships.

Program & Fee Structure

We offer an extensive children orientated program at an affordable rate to serve single-parent families, dual career parents and families in need.

Program & Fee Structure

Sunshine Club, our Student Care Centre (SCC), provides a comprehensive before and after school care for students from 7 to 14 years old. We believe that every child is special, each with their unique gifting and qualities. Hence, our program is carefully developed by experienced program coordinators for a holistic and interactive learning environment where each child can learn and grow.

Every child deserves a quality nurturing environment for his or her growth. Our fees are $290 per month. COMCARE financial assistance can also be applied through Sunshine Club. Please contact us or approach any of the staff at Sunshine Club to find out more. If you are keen to enroll your child at Sunshine Club, please fill up this interest form.


  • Reading, Supervised Homework & Revision
  • Enrichment activities
  • Outdoor recreation activities
  • Special Holiday Excursions
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Volunteer Opportunities

We depend on a pool of committed volunteers to help with everyday activities such as our reading programme and supervised homework sessions. Ad hoc volunteers are also welcomed especially during the children’s June and December holidays.

Volunteer Opportunities

Enrich the lives of the children at our Student Care Centre by helping out during school holidays. Help out or sponsor Special Holiday programs, games and activities or plan your own art or baking sessions with them. We are also always on a look out for regular volunteers who are able to connect well with children and guide them academically.

Volunteer & Sponsorship Needs

  • Befrienders & Tutors
  • Holiday Volunteers
  • Excursion / Party Sponsorships