excITE @ College East

Through connecting external partners to the student body, we introduce new skill sets, paradigms and experiences to be the spark for life transformation.

We partner with corporate companies that are interested in bringing the best out of our students. Some of our past projects include organising a series of mentoring workshops by Credit Suisse, ukulele lessons with Visa as well as service learning projects sponsored by Chip Eng Seng Pte Ltd. Together with our partners, we develop programmes to impart important life skills, values and experience to the youths.


  • Sponsor an Event / logistics for events
  • CSR projects
  • Service Learning Projects

  • It was definitely a great learning programme or I would call it a learning journey for both the mentor and the mentee. This programme aims to inculcate winning values, attitudes, etiquettes and demonstrates the discipline required to be successful in the Marketplace in a hands-on approach.
    The values like resilience, giving back to the society etc. that we have demonstrated from CS perspective to these students will go a long way. This investment of values is just the beginning of a chain reaction that will benefit the students immensely and the other individuals they will impact in their journey of life.

    Sanjay Abraham | VP, Trade Management IT | Volunteer | Credit Suisse


  • Commitment: Adhoc / dependent on programme
  • Timing: Dependent on programme
  • Venue: Dependent on programme


  • Energetic and able to build rapport with youths
  • Bonus if able to teach the youths new skills (sports, music, art)