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Helping individuals & families #THRIVE | BCS Services

Family Services provides welfare aid and disbursement, financial counselling and bursary to help disadvantaged families break out from poverty cycle.

Elderly Services provides Meals on Wheels Services (MOW), Medical Escort & Transport Services (MET) and Active Ageing programmes to help Seniors live healthy fulfilled lives.

excITE @ College East provides mentoring, equipping and leadership development programmes to help ITE students develop self-confidence, resilience and positive values in order to succeed in their post graduate years.

We don’t just want to give them a superficial band aid. We want to lift them up and restore them to the fullness of life. We don’t just want to give them the fish, but the ability to fish. We want to empower them so they can fulfil their dreams. We don’t just want them to survive in life. We want them to #THRIVE

Support #THRIVE

Every dollar you donate to #THRIVE will be matched dollar-for-dollar under the government's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme (EFR) - Every $50 you give will be doubled and allow us to provide basic monthly rations for 2 families instead of 1.

How your giving will help our community THRIVE director

Give voice to the needs of the community. Your support will help us reach out and touch more lives! Receive WhatsApp and emails from us and share with your friends and family about the needs of the community and what we do. Be part of the Bethesda Care Services Advocacy Programme.

How an advocate can impact the community director

- For those with vehicles, just 2 hours of your time will help us serve many more meals to the frail homebound seniors in our community.
- Visit an elderly once a month to alleviate their loneliness, isolation or boredom.
- Visit a senior once a week to be their Exercise Buddy and help improve their balance and lower limb strength.

What are the pressing community and volunteer needs today director