Family Services

We reach out and connect with youths in our community through street outreach and collaboration with neighbouring schools and other Social Service Organisations. With the support of our volunteers, we aim to provide a safe space where youths feel belonged and realise their true potential through forming healthy friendships, skills and values.

Our YouthSpace values are:

Safety – We protect one another.
Purpose – We are all important.
Acceptance – We are all unique.
Compassion – We care for one another and our community.
Empowerment – We all have the power to change.

With the help of a pool of volunteers, we support youths with weekly academic support as well as weekly interest groups to learn new skills. Some of our interest groups include guitar (intro), band, basketball and sports. During the school holidays, we also plan various activities such as motivational workshops, study camps, cycling expeditions, amazing race and camps to engage our youths meaningfully.


  • Youth Hangout Time! (Board Games, Xbox, etc.)
  • Academic Support
  • Music & Sports Interest Groups
  • Holiday outings and camps

  • I know that my time here is never a waste. YouthSpace is a place where the youths can come and know that they are not alone. I think that the 5 core values (safety, purpose, acceptance, compassion and empowerment) are very important aspects of life. It will help the youths see beyond their current problems. Perhaps not immediately, but eventually. I find the time that I've spent with YouthSpace is meaningful, it is a space full of compassion and love for one another, a place where we can be there for the youths.

    Joycelyn, 31 | Volunteer since May 2016
  • My first experience at YouthSpace involved teaching the children how to play Tchoukball. Subsequently, there was a span in time when I was unable to meet them for their weekly sports interest group. When I did come back to play with them one more time, many of them were very excited to have me join them even for one more session.
    I was very touched to know that I could actually make a difference in their lives even though I had only spent a month with them.

    Wei Ren, 22 | Volunteer since June 2017


  • Min. Age: 18 years old
  • Minimum commitment: Dependent on Area of Volunteering
  • Timing:
    • Mon 3pm to 5.30pm
    • Wed 2pm to 4pm
    • Wed 4pm to 5.30pm
    • Fri 3pm to 5.30pm
    • Ad-hoc programme/events will have different timing
  • Venue: Dependent on programme


  • Build rapport with children and youths
  • To assist in planning and executing programme
  • Bonus if able to teach the youths new skills in any of the interest group categories (sports, music, art)