Bedok has the largest elderly population in Singapore with an estimated number of 44,350 above the age of 65. ELDERLY excITE We believe that every ITE student is a unique and talented individual with great potential. FAMILY We support the unity and nurturing functions of families. Every child deserves a quality nurturing environment for his or her growth. STUDENT CARE CENTRE Slide


To enhance the well being of families and individuals by delivering quality and professional social services


Each year, Bethesda Care Services (BCS) serves more than 3,000 people living in the eastern part of Singapore.

Our range of services include providing affordable before-and-after school care services through the Sunshine Club Student Care Centre (SCC); caring for the ageing needs of seniors through the Elderly Services; guiding families and youths in life’s challenges through the Family Services, as well as reaching out to the youths in ITE College East through our youth centre, excITE.


For those with vehicles, just 2 hours of your time will help us serve many more meals to the frail homebound seniors in our community.

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We offer academic help to the community youths who join us every Monday. Are you good at teaching? Join us as a tutor or mentor.

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BCS Bursary Awards provides financial assistance to students from low income families as well as motivate these students to strive for greater achievements. Find out more.

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Every $50 you give goes towards 1 bag of basic monthly rations for 1 family.

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