Jan 2022
Making Their Golden Years Shine

“Have you ever thought of what meaning could evolve out of the packet of food that you send to the elderly?” asked Yoke Yee, our senior Social Worker at Bethesda Care Services’ Elderly Services department (ESD) at the department’s virtual Partner’s Appreciation Night last October. We invite you to take a read through the following excerpt from her speech which speaks volumes about her heart of service and passion to light up the lives of our elderly beneficiaries....

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Apr 2021
Youth Spotlight

Youth Spotlight is a series of stories that showcases the talents and celebrates the growth of youths who are part of YouthSpace. These series of stories are featured on YouthSpace?s Instagram, and positively impacts the youths? confidence. In the following stories, some of the names of the youths have been changed to protect their identities....

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Apr 2018
Walking the Talk. Sweat, Grime & Love.

Inch-thick dust, moldy furniture, long expired food, pest infested cabinets, stained tiles, filthy toilets not cleaned for years, along with piled up trash, clutter. They knew what awaited them, they came prepared and armed with masks, gloves, bleach cleaning detergents and extra doses of passion....

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Apr 2018
Stepping Up to be a Volunteer

I had on several points in my life been guilty of neglecting my own children in the pursuit of fame and fortune. However, I was blessed to receive good counsel and reversed my course of action before it was too late. Just as I had been blessed, I wanted to bless others in the area of family bonding....

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