Walking the Talk. Sweat, Grime & Love.

Walking the Talk. Sweat, Grime & Love.

Inch-thick dust, moldy furniture, long expired food, pest infested cabinets, stained tiles, filthy toilets not cleaned for years, along with piled up trash, clutter. They knew what awaited them, they came prepared and armed with masks, gloves, bleach cleaning detergents and extra doses of passion.

We arrived at the second house in time to see the volunteers finishing up the last touches of paint for the living room. Despite having been cleaning and painting for the last three hours, they looked energetic and cheerful, ready to take on the next room. They paused only for the brief interview we conducted with a few of them, and quickly shifted their focus back to completing their mission.

That afternoon, we visited two of the six elderly homes that the team from ScienTec Consulting had chosen to clean and paint.


Preparations: A week before the clean-up, ScienTec sent their planning committee down to the 6 houses for a recce trip to estimate the manpower and gear they would need.

?The planning process is definitely not easy, but we had help from Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre. They actually let us view the elderly homes to look at the condition and better understand what the elderly really need. We get to speak to the elderly to understand what their life is like so far.? ? Zinc, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Sweat & Grime (2016): The volunteers made sure the houses they picked for clean-up and painting were indeed those they could make an impact upon. That meant braving more dirt, grime and even smell. But they were all committed to making a difference in the lives of the elderly.

?There’s so many of us and its already taking up so much time and effort. It?s really difficult for him to get it done himself. Just that thought makes me think it?s all worth it.? ? Anthony, Consulting Manager

Before After copy

These are just some of their Before-After photos that the volunteers compiled. It was amazing to watch such a driven group of people work with passion, love and teamwork. More photos here.

A Love Relationship since 2013

ScienTec Consulting first partnered BCS in 2012 where they organised games for our student care centre children and gave out goodie bags. Subsequently they have worked with the elderly instead. Each time, they planned the activities and showered the elderly with love. Indeed we are thankful that they have been so dedicated to helping these elderly.

?We try to keep to the same elderly when we meet them, because we want some kind of continuity.? ? Karen, CEO of ScienTec Consulting


2013: Grocery Shopping at Cold Storage


2014: Grocery Shopping & Haircut


2015: Coffee, Tea, Songs & Performance

“… when we see the result, whether it is home painting, a home make over, or taking them to supermarket shopping, song and dance,  the happiness and joy in their face is something that is very priceless. ” ? Karen, CEO of ScienTec Consulting

If you are keen to partner us as ScienTec Consulting does, do contact us here. Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre is located at 300 Bedok North Avenue 3. For more information, please visit our website or our Facebook page.