Awareness Week 2016

Awareness Week 2016

Two Sundays ago, we launched our annual volunteer recruitment drive, more commonly known as BCS Awareness Week (BAW). The days leading up to the event was loaded with both excitement and anxiety. As a voluntary welfare organization, many of our services and programmes would benefit significantly if we could get more volunteers.
Thankfully, we met many new volunteers as well as old friends these past two weekends; people who will come alongside us to Serve our community, Touch lives, Open doors and Press on together.

A Call to STOP – to overcome busyness, and set aside time for our community.
Overall, we received over 70 new volunteer signups and collected more than S$13 000 worth of donations and sponsorship.

It was heartening to meet many generous donors who chose to sponsor not just one or two needs, but three and more! There were also professionals who came up to offer their specialised skills as a service unto others. One hair stylist came up to us and volunteered his time and service for the elderly.
This year, we interviewed a few of our existing volunteers, to hear about how they overcame their own doubts or busyness and to serve and touch the lives of the needy in our community.

Part I : Tony & Leng Leng’s Interview

Part II : Noi & the Peng’s Interview

BAW event photos

Our official BCS Awareness Week may be over, but the needs of the community are always present. If you?d like to find out more about our services and programmes, do visit our website or follow us on Facebook. To volunteer with us, please click here.