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Bursary Award 2021 recipients zoom screenshot with Minister Tan Kiat How and Corporate donors

Our annual BCS Bursary Award Ceremony was successfully held on 19 November 2021. A total of $121,150 was awarded to 319 students, comprising a mix of primary, secondary and ITE college students. We were honoured to have Mr Tan Kiat How, Minister of State, Member of Parliament of East Coast GRC, grace our virtual award ceremony. Representatives from Phillips 66 International Trading Pte Ltd, Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) and Mitra Famosa International joined us as well. Indeed, we are so thankful for their steadfast support and contributions to this year’s bursaries.




Bursary Awards | An Investment in the Future – Our Youths

Supporting families-in-need and youths with potential

This is the 21st year that Bethesda Care Services (BCS) is giving out annual bursaries to students from schools mainly in the Eastern vicinity as well as students from a few Special Schools. Through the bursaries, we support community families-in-need and encourage students who have shown resilience and effort in their studies despite their challenges.

Impacting more youths each year

Over the years, BCS has seen an increase in the number of applicants from the community, from an average of 200 recipients from 2010 to 2015, to an average of 265 recipients from 2016 to 2020.  This year, 319 recipients were selected and a total of $121,150 worth of bursaries disbursed.

School Award Amount in 2021 Total Recipients in 2021 Total Amount in 2021
Primary $250 131 $32,750
Secondary $400 56 $22,400
ITE College East $500 132 $66,000
Total   319 $121,150

All 319 recipients come from low-income families and mainly either stay or study in a school in the Eastern vicinity or a Special School that we work more closely with. Many of them come from single parent families or have one or both parents who have medical issues that affect their employment and the financial situation at home. Despite these challenges, the recipients have shown good effort in their studies, attendance and conduct in school.

When is the Bursary Award Ceremony held?

Our Bursary Award Ceremony is usually held towards the end of the calendar year so that the student recipients can use their bursaries for the purchase of school materials for the following year. The application for bursary typically begins in August and closes before the end of Q3 as the screening process is intensive and requires time. Check out our Welfare Services page for releases on application dates.



Valued Partners & Organisations that Give Back to the Community

We are extremely thankful to all educators, sponsors and volunteers who help make the award ceremony come to fruition each year.

Special thanks goes out to Phillips 66 International Trading Pte Ltd who has been our faithful partner since 2012. BCS is also in partnership with Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) and Mitra Famosa International. We thank them all for contributing to this year?s bursaries.

Our valued partners not just contribute to the bursaries but have also joined us on a number of CSR initiatives such as distribution of food and household items to rental blocks, mentoring youths and more. Thank you for your commitment to giving back to the community. Through the bursaries, your philanthropic efforts leave a lasting impact in many young lives.


Highlights from the Bursary Awards Ceremony

Minister Tan Kiat How at BCS Bursary Award Ceremony 2021 community speech

Excerpts from Mr Tan Kiat How’s speech, Minister of State, MP of East Coast GRC

“Congratulations to the 325 students who will be receiving your bursary awards this evening. All of you have put in hard work and effort in your studies. I know that with Covid-19, the year has been particularly tough for all of you and your loved ones. So I commend you on your hard work and resilience. Also a big thank you to all your teachers and educators who have been supporting you throughout the whole year. I’d like to also thank the donors for your generous donations that have made this evening possible. And I’d also like to thank Bethesda Care Services for organizing this annual bursary award for students who are staying and studying in the East.

Every society including Singapore, will always see some degree of inequality, and Covid-19 has exacerbated some of these social disparities which could persist even after the pandemic. This government is committed to ensure that all our young are given opportunities for them to be the best that they can be. Therefore, be the best that you can be. Pursue your dreams, pursue your aspirations.”

As part of his sharing and encouragement to the award recipients and partners, Mr Tan Kiat How also shared about national developments plans such as the expansion of the Uplift Enhanced School Resourcing programme and the Uplift Community Pilot. Both of these programmes are targeted at helping disadvantaged students stay in schools.



Minister tan kiat how, BCS Vice Chairperson Lok Vi Ming, corporate sponsors & school representatives at the BCS Bursary Award Ceremony

BCS Vice-Chairperson, Mr Lok Vi Ming (top row, second from the left) and the other VIPs who were present at the Bursary Award Ceremony.

Excerpts from Mr Lok Vi Ming’s speech, Vice-Chairperson of Bethesda Care Services

“This evening, as we gather to give out the bursary awards to our young recipients, I want to say a word of congratulations to all our young recipients, all 325 of you.

You have the opportunity this evening to receive this support in your education because there are people who believe in you and believe that education in you can really unlock your full potential in you, later on in life. So do give yourself this chance to do well in your studies.

Of course, many of our recipients this evening comes from families which do better with some help. But I can tell all of you that you are also chosen by your respective schools because of the promise that you show in your academic performance in school. So I want to encourage you to realise that someone sees the promise in investing in your education.

So try your best, work as hard as you can. We have a system in Singapore that rewards those who are interested in helping themselves achieve the best results. And if you do that, you will have a good future ahead. “

Mr Lok Vi Ming also expressed his deepest appreciation and thanks to all the teachers, principals and school representatives for their sacrifices in the important area of education. On behalf of Bethesda Care Services, Mr Lok Vi Ming thanked all sponsors and also Minister Tan Kiat How for gracing our ceremony.


Appreciation from the bursary recipients and their families

dm Tham*, who?s three children were beneficiaries of our BCS Bursary Awards texted us her to express her gratitude to BCS & our corporate donors

It heartens us whenever we receive words of appreciation from the beneficiaries and their families.

In the above message, Mdm Tham*, who’s three children were beneficiaries of our BCS Bursary Awards texted us her to express her gratitude.

[*Name has been changed to protect the identities of our beneficiaries]

“Firstly, I’m extremely thankful for the support that Bethesda Care Services has been providing me and my daughter, Shi Ting*. Thank you everyone.

Shi Ting* is very fortunate to be in BCS Student Care Services where she learns valuable life lessons about resilience and personal values. I am thankful that she has also received the bursary.

As a single mother, money is very important to me. Whenever my three children receives the bursary, I tell them that I will bank in the full amount that they receive into their own bank accounts for future use, especially since university fees will be very expensive. I hope that this will motivate them to continue to study hard and do well. In my own days, I wasn’t able to do well academically and therefore not able to earn or provide them with much. Therefore, I’m really grateful that my children are able to receive this Bursary Award. Thank you very much for your help!”



What is the objective of the BCS Bursary Awards?

  • To provide financial assistance to students from low income families, and to motivate these students to strive for greater achievements to benefit themselves and the community.

How do I apply for a bursary?

  • Please take note that applicants must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore. Our application forms will be released in the 2nd half of the year. Forms must be completed, signed by either the School Principle or Heads of Departments and accompanied with the documents specified in the form. (e.g. Applicant & family members birth cert/NRIC, family members CPF history, pay slips, etc.) Submit before the stated closing date for application. Check out our Welfare Services page for releases on application dates.

How do I donate to next year’s bursary as an individual?

  • You may make a donation to Bethesda Care Services and specify ‘Bursary’ behind your cheque, in your PayNow comments section or on your donation envelope. All donations to BCS Refer to our donation page for more details on how to donate to BCS. There will be *2.5 times tax exemptions on your cash donation with a min. of $10. *Please follow the instructions on the donation page for tax exemption.

How do I donate to next year’s bursary as a corporate?

  • Drop us an email and we will get in touch with you. As Bethesda Care Services a registered charity with IPC status, all donations to BCS qualify for 2.5 times tax exemption.

When will next year’s Bursary Award Ceremony be held?

  • Our Bursary Award Ceremony is usually held towards the end of the calendar year, in November, so that our beneficiaries can use their bursaries for the purchase of school materials for the following year. The application for bursary typically begins in August and closes before the end of Q3 as the screening process is intensive. Check out our Welfare Services page for releases on application dates.

What other financial assistance do you provide to families-in-need?

  • Through our Casework and Counselling services, our social workers help individuals and families-in-need to apply for available grants and assistance. We also provide monthly food rations and vouchers based on case assessment.


Bethesda Care Services is located at 300 Bedok North Avenue 3. Our Family Services offers professional casework and counselling services, as well as Welfare Assistance and a myriad of other services and programs. If you are keen to join BCS as a volunteer, do contact us through our online signup form. For more information, please visit our website or our Facebook page.