One Project, Many Lives Touched

One Project, Many Lives Touched

March last year, excITE, our youth centre, embarked on a collaboration with ITE College East for a service learning project, sponsored by Chip Eng Seng Pte Ltd, a construction company.

After the completion of 24 hours of service learning within a year, the 22 student participants chosen by ITE were each awarded the Chip Eng Seng Study Grant.

During the course of the project, the students served the needy elderly in the community and learned to step out of their comfort zone to overcome language barriers and more. The following are some of their testimonials and reflections.

Project Briefing at FSCC

Group photo with MP Ms Cheryl Chan after Project Briefing on 16th March 2016 at Fengshan Community Centre (CC)

Following the initial project briefing held in March 2016, the students conducted two rounds of Fengshan CC surveys on the 23rd and 30th April 2016.

?First activity was door-to-door (giving out) food ration and survey to the residents in need of help. It was my first time seeing people living in homes with such a small space. I felt satisfied offering my assistance and was determined to help each household.
Although I had difficulty in communicating with the residents initially, after some tries, I got used to it and did it better afterward. I also learnt to work together with other team members ? to work efficiently and effectively.?

Higher NITEC Logistics for International Trade | Graduated in May 2017

On the 27th August, the students were dispatched to 4 different elderly homes to help conduct Spring Cleaning. These 4 homes were selected due to the limited mobility of the elderly.

?Cleaning the house was a very good experience for me. It was challenging for me as I have never cleaned a stranger?s home before. As a team, we had fun cleaning together. I have learnt that no matter who they are, they still need our helping hand as they really have difficulties. Looking at how they are doing saddens me. With sincerity of heart, I?d love to help out more in future.?

NITEC in Community Care & Social Services | Graduated in Feb 2017

?CES (study grant) have helped me in many ways, the most obvious ones are helping me get back on my feet with the allowance given to support my study in school monthly. The project has also opened my eyes to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate that we hardly see in the street.
I enjoyed my time the most during the spring cleaning of the houses. It taught me not to take things for granted. Be grateful for what I have at home because others may not be as privileged as I am.?

NITEC in Community Care & Social Services | Graduated in Feb 2017

Other than helping with the Fengshan CC survey and spring cleaning project, the students helped to give out vouchers at an Elderly Luncheon on 17th September and also ran a fund-raising stall in their own school on the 13th and 14th July before the spring cleaning project. Some of them helped to distribute lunch packets with our Elderly Services Meals-on-Wheels staff as well.

?Learning to give back to society have made me a much happier person. I appreciate everything I have now, be it materialistic or not. Being able to learn from people from all walks of life and learning together as one. All in all, I have learnt so much and I am thankful and grateful to be part of this programme.?

Higher NITEC Logistics for International Trade | Graduated in May 2017
CES Project 2016 - Closing Ceremony

Group photo on 12th January 2017. Closing ceremony for Chip Eng Seng Project 2016.

Based in ITE College East in Simei, excITE @ College East is a youth centre co-sponsored by BCS and ITE College East. Through daily activities, interest groups and programmes, excITE helps students build resilient habits and healthy values during their years in school and working life.

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