Oct 2020
Do You Speak Life or Death into the People Around You?

Introduction | How this term came about. Conversations with a Counsellor friend.   Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with a friend who works as a professional counsellor. What intrigued me during our conversation was that she spoke of her work as speaking life into others, and that she is careful not to speak ‘death’ into her clients....

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Parents Stress Level Exceeding Image
July 24, 2019

Parents Stress Level Exceeding

Scenario: You rush home from work, making sure to pack something nice for dinner. Hopefully this would incentivise your son to be more cooperative and study after dinner. You reach home and spot him sprawled...

An Unexpected Counselling Session
March 22, 2019

An Unexpected Counselling Session

The interview with the marriage counsellor was simply to fish out some communication tips for couples. I entered the room as a writer, thinking I would be the one asking questions. Apparently not.

Love Hate Exam Sentiments - Musings
October 09, 2018

Love Hate Exam Sentiments – Musings

On Friday, 28 September, MOE announced 6 Changes to Singapore?s Education System. Understandably, the news was received with mixed feelings for many parents. We went ahead and tried to capture what some of our children...

Stepping Up to be a Volunteer
April 10, 2018

Stepping Up to be a Volunteer

I had on several points in my life been guilty of neglecting my own children in the pursuit of fame and fortune. However, I was blessed to receive good counsel and reversed my course of...